21 fevereiro, 2009

No Times de hoje #93

I love the weekend travel section of the New York Times. I don't know if reading it more relaxed over the weekend helps my good opinion of it. Not only does it show remote places worth a visit (like any other travel section), but it also gives the travel perspective of random people. Two examples:

"CAUGHT IN A WHIRLWIND BY THE EIFFEL TOWER, PARIS, OCT. 10, 2008 Stephanie Corrigan, 41, a homemaker from Atherton, Calif., with her daughters Ingrid, 8, and Mila, 4. “We were just coming off a 21-day trip, and were going to take a train from Paris to London and fly home. My husband is up in the Eiffel Tower with the other two kids, Claudia, 11, and Drake, 6. We take them on trips every single summer. They each have their suitcases, their backpacks. We’re like a spectacle in the airport, but they get it, they know exactly what to do. My husband goes in front, then Claudia (the oldest), then Ingrid, then Drake, then Mila, and I’m in the back. People look at you like ‘Wow, how are you doing that?’ But we’ve never traveled as a couple by ourselves — we’ve never even gone to Vegas for two nights without them. For our next vacation, we’re off to Norway for 19 days. We don’t really think that it’s not doable — we just book the trip and go.”
As told to Seth Kugel"

hmmm... I want to be like that!

"... Cap Maison, the latest in a set of new luxury hotels that are redefining the tourist market in St. Lucia. The resort welcomes each guest with a 30-minute massage in the spa."

hmmm... I want that!!

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