26 fevereiro, 2009

Coisas que não mudam #83

Southern politeness... specifically, forms of address that you only hear in the south (of the US, that is). The context: I'm ordering lunch at the nearby burrito place; burritos are made in an assembly-line-sort of environment; I speak to three of four employees before my order is ready to pay at the cashier's registry. The dialogue: 

employee #1 Hi, what can I get you today?
me Steak burrito, naked.
employee #1 Black or pinto beans?
me Black.
employee #1 Tortilla on the side?
me No, thanks.
employee #2 What kind of salsa for you?
me Pico de gallo and some lettuce.
employee #2 Guacamole? Sour cream?
me No.
employee #3 For here or to go?
me To go.
employee #3 A drink?
me Sure, a small sweet tea.
employee #4 It's gonna be $8.72. Do you need a bag to carry that, baby?
me (delighted and smiling) yes please (babeeeey)!

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